Mitt Romney has basically just conceded the election

You know, I was pretty annoyed at Mitt Romney when he was suggesting that President Obama had ideas that are “foreign” to America. But he has reached a new low.

That’s right folks, Mitt Romney just said that nobody has ever asked for his Birth Certificate and “they know that this is the place that we were born and raised”.

This is more than just him playing up to the birther crowd. This is him clearly stating that there is some legitimate question about the birthplace of our President. Things must be really bad in the Romney campaign if they need their candidate himself to push these issues. Normally this would be something that some surrogate of the campaign would be pushing out there. Some minor spokesperson of the campaign who could get a slap on the wrist if the comment was not taken well. Or perhaps this would be left to some fringe PAC external to the campaign that could push these issues out there. There must be some really disturbing internal polling data showing that the election is already over unless they do something drastic. For Mitt Romney himself to be saying this, well this goes beyond the whole “he didn’t build that” lie.

Remember when Romney said that Obama shouldn’t be making “these kinds of attacks” and how it was unpresidential? Whatever happened to that Mr. Romney?

What is worse? The people behind him clapping and cheering for this garbage. They probably know Mitt can’t win either so they will embrace the garbage too because to them, winning is more important than the truth.

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