Bad Arguments for the Electoral College

Conservatives love the Electoral College. It is the only way that they were able to elect Donald Trump in 2016. In defending this antiquated institution, they unfortunately will bring out the same old tired arguments when the truth clearly shows that they cannot win without a system that is rigged in their favor. They gerrymander districts, they kick voters off the roles, and they hold on to the Electoral College that gives small states far too much power than even the founders intended.

Let’s start there. In his article against the attempts to pass the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPV), Trent England suggests that small-town and rural America will be “reduced to serfdom” by the big bad mean city-folk. He feels that rural America will be taken advantage of if you don’t allow the Electoral College to stand as it is. Is that true though? Our founders put in a mechanism that exists simply to help smaller states from being trampled over by the larger ones. It is called the United States Senate. In the Senate, each state has the same power. While the electoral college does grant a state more say by allowing it to count all seats held in both chambers of Congress, I have discussed on my podcast previously that the number of House seats is artificially low. If we took the smallest population state (Wyoming) and used it as a base, and then counted how many “Wyomings” worth of population existed in each state, we would see that we would need about 100 more seats in the House than we currently have.

England says that the Electoral College makes it more difficult to win the Presidency. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Donald Trump won with fewer votes than Hillary Clinton. He literally had to convince fewer people than he would have needed to convince had we used a popular vote system. The Electoral College makes it so that you don’t have to campaign hard. In fact, anywhere between six and ten states are considered “in play” in any given election. While these may fluctuate every four years, candidates only have to campaign in these few states instead of having to convince all fifty that they are the right person for the job. How is that not making the campaign easier?

This also brings up the whole myth of the “flyover state”. Conservatives argue that eliminating the Electoral College will cause these rural states to be excluded from the process. I argue that the current system excludes many people from the process as it is. Many of those people live in those rural states. Candidates only need to focus on those ten states. Let’s look at the states that Donald Trump visited in the general election. Shall we?

Donald Trump Campaign Rallies

Each green dot represents a campaign rally. Notice where these rallies do not take place. None took place in Idaho. None took place in Montana. None took place in all these rural flyover areas. Why? Because the GOP knows that they have these states in the bag. There is no reason for either Presidential candidate to go to these states. The candidates are already treating them as flyover states. What would opening up the popular vote do? It would make every Democrat in those states important again. It would make every Republican in “safe” blue states important again as well. Candidates would have every reason to try and get every single possible vote they could get. These states would no longer be flown over.

England also states that by passing the NPV, states are violating the Constitution. I don’t believe this to be true. Each state is allowed to split up their electors as they see fit. Two states award electors by congressional district with two at-large electors to represent the Senate seats. If a state determines that it will award the electoral votes to whoever wins the national popular vote, then that is their prerogative.

Conservatives are scared that with more people voting, they are more likely to lose. That is why you see all these attempts by Conservatives to keep the vote down. Enacting a popular vote would absolutely drive up voter turnout because people in states that previously didn’t matter will now matter. The way that Conservatives fight this shows us that this is only good for liberals. That is why Conservatives have to come up with these bad arguments in support of the Electoral College. They need to hope that enough people will believe them. Now you know why you shouldn’t.

Liberal Dan Radio 08/14/2019: #BlueWave with Shaniyat Chowdhury NY-05

On the August 14, 2019 epsiode of Liberal Dan Radio

Did Epstein really commit suicide? Some people think it’s just a conspiracy theory that he was really murdered. Others believe the idea that he killed himself is just too coincidental. 

There was a USA Today editorial about the Electoral College vs the Popular Vote and it followed all the typical fallacies made in support of keeping the Electoral College. I have debunked them on Twitter and I will be discussing them here as well (unless the author decides he wants to discuss the issue on the show, in which case I have an open invitation to call in at 9PM my time). 

I will also have Shaniyat Chowdhury, candidate for the NY-05 district in Congress. We will be discussing his campaign and what he intends to bring to the US Congress. 

Those issues, headlines, hypocrite of the week, and words of redneck wisdom;  Wednesday at 8pm Central on Liberal Dan Radio: Talk From The Left, That’s Right. 

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Liberal Dan Radio 8/7/2019: #BlueWave with Javahn Walker NJ-06

On the August 7, 2019 episode of Liberal Dan Radio

Multiple mass shootings have taken place over the past week. I will be discussing the issue of gun control and disproportionate policing by law enforcement in the top half of the show. 

And then at 8:30 PM central I will be inviting Javahn Walker, candidate for the NJ-06 congressional race. We will see what Mr. Walker has to offer and why he believes he will be an improvement over the incumbant. 

Those issues, headlines, words of redneck wisdom, and hypocrite of the week at 8pm Central on Blog Talk Radio. 

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*Note: The title of the show is not meant as an endorsement. All candidates are welcome to discuss their campaign on the show.

Liberal Dan Radio 7/24/2019: The Mueller Report Testimony

On the July 24, 2019 episode of Liberal Dan Radio:

More bigotry and xenophobia from the Trump administration on immigration. When will it end?

And when will people finally have enough of Trump encouraging others to act out? 

And today was the Mueller testimony in Congress. Did it actually accomplish anything? 

Those stories, headlines, words of redneck wisdom, and hypocrite of the week Wednesday at 8pm Central on Blog Talk Radio. 

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A Hard Day For Patriotism

Remember when the Fourth of July was a day of family and patriotism? People from all backgrounds would get together and cook out on the grill, spend time with family, and perhaps watch a fireworks show on TV or somewhere close to where they lived. It was a day where we would celebrate the idea of what America is supposed to be, even though attempts to stick to those ideals have many times missed the mark.

This July 4th is, to be frank, a joke. Donald J. Trump is taking a day that is supposed to be a celebration of our country and is instead putting on a vanity show to stroke his own ego. His so called “Salute To America” is nothing more than a Soviet Bloc party. He has requested tanks in the streets of Washington D.C. as well as flyovers by several different aircraft. The National Park Service is spending $2.5 million on this event when it already has a backlog of projects that need to be completed. That amount of money is likely far less than the total costs that will be incurred today.

Who is attending this event? There is free access for the public. However, there is also a VIP section in front that will require tickets for entry. Both political appointees of this administration and major Republican donors will be receiving tickets to this event. The Democratic National Committee has confirmed that they have not received tickets to hand out while the Republican National Committee has. Ego stroking aside, this event will serve as a political tool to reward people supporting Trump’s reelection. I hope nobody is still holding their breath for a swamp draining to take place in D.C.

The most hypocritical portion of this is that our founding document states that people have the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. While this administration spreads money across the capitol like a bachelor at a strip club, people who have come here simply to live free and pursue happiness are locked up in cages and are being denied basic necessities of life. Desperate families, like Oscar Martinez and Angie Valeria, have died simply trying to get into our country. At least seven children have died in U.S. custody after being detained. These facilities are overcrowded and lack the basic items needed to survive.

What we have today is one giant propaganda tool meant to mask the violations of civil liberties being perpetuated by this administration. A large portion of Americans will applaud Dear Leader as he cozies up with our enemies and seeks to emulate them. Make no mistake. This is not making America great. The salute I share today is for Donald Trump and it consists of only one finger.

Liberal Dan Radio 09-12-2018: Kenner Bra!

On the September 12, 2018 episode of Liberal Dan Radio:

The small city of Kenner made national news the other day by refusing to allow Nike to be a part of booster clubs who participate in the city. I will go over the memos sent by Mayor Zahn and the implications that go far behond Colin Kaepernick.

Hurricane Florence is bearing down on the East Coast and Hurricane Trump is trying his best to cause problems for people during and after the storm. Remember, Water is very wet.

And if we are able to, I will be talking to Lee Dugas, yet another candidate in the LA01 race for Congress against Steve Scalise. Lee has been on the program before and I will be happy to have her on if she has time.

Those issues and more this Wednesday at 8pm Central on Liberal Dan Radio: Talk From The Left, That’s Right.

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Liberal Dan Radio 8-22-2018: #TakeBackCongress with LA01 Candidate Tammy Savoie

On the August 22nd, 2018 episode of Liberal Dan Radio:

Yesterday was one of the most damning days of the Trump Presidency. Multiple convictions on multiple counts of people who were very close in Trump’s inner circle. Where does the country go from here?

And at the bottom half of the hour, my guest will be Tammy Savoie, Candidate for Congress in LA01, the first congressional district of Louisiana.

Those topics and more on Liberal Dan Radio: Talk From The Left, That’s Right.

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Liberal Dan Radio 8-15-2018: #TakeBackCongress with Jim Francis

On the August 15, 2018 episode of Liberal Dan Radio:

My series of shows featuring Democrats trying to #RetakeCongress and ride that #BlueWave this fall will first feature Jim Francis, a candidate for Congress in Louisiana’s First Congressional District. Jim will challenging Steve Scalise (R) who is the House Minority Whip and will present a challenge. However, I am all for supporting people who are facing challenges, especially in LA01.

I will also be discussing many other topics that have come up this week. So tune in to Liberal Dan Radio, Talk From The Left, That’s Right.

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Liberal Dan Radio 8-8-2018:

On the August 8, 2018 episode of Liberal Dan Radio:

I make the case against Kamala Harris and why she shouldn’t be the person we flock to for the Democratic Nomination in 2020.

I also called my shot last week when it came to how Conservatives will respond to my argument that they should get over Obama’s “57 states” comment now that Trump has made his little snafu as well. See if I am the Babe Ruth of podcasting.

Those issues and more on Liberal Dan Radio: Talk From The Left, That’s Right.

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Liberal Dan Radio 7/25/2018: Music4More and Mapmaker

On the July 25, 2018 Episode of Liberal Dan Radio:

Music 4 More is a 501(c)3 charity organization that launched in Baltimore in 2007. Their primary focus is collecting instrument donations and reintroducing them into struggling school and community music programs. Since their launch, Music 4 More has donated over 600 instruments to schools, after school programs, and community initiatives. I will be discussing the charity with Deidra Stevens and what you can do to help students and veterans (with their Music4Vets program.

In the bottom half of the hour I will be discussing the issue of Gerrymandering with Josh Lafair, one of the developers of the game Mapmaker, a boardgame about gerrymandering inspired by their own home district in Texas. I am excited that the Kickstarter is already funded and I wanted to help promote a game that intends to educate people more about how lines are drawn in our political process and what we need to do to make voting more fair.

The show won’t have many bits this week. I just have too much room for all the good topics.

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