Liberal Dan Radio 04/28/2020: The Rona Is Making Everyone Crazy

On the April 29, 2020 episode of Liberal Dan Radio

Is it time to go back and resume normalcy? Many people would have you believe that this is the case. Some states are continuing the shelter in place orders, but other states are pushing way to hard to go back “to normal” which will have disasterous effects. 

A bunch of Bernie Sanders supporters want him to get back in the race and are upset over the fact that New York is cancelling the primaries. I will discuss why these people are jumping the shark.

I will also be going over a conversation that I had with a conspiracy theories (get a preview on the Liberal Dan Facebook Page). 

Those issues and more, Wednesday April 29, 2020 at 8PM central on Liberal Dan Radio, Talk from the Left, That’s Right. 

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“But they’re the same!”

I know the majority of Bernie Sanders supporters will be voting for Joe Biden in the fall. They understand what is at stake. However, just like 2016 there is a large enough section of people who supported Bernie in the primaries who are threatening to jump ship. In some cases these people even voted for Trump in 2016.

So what do you say when these particular Bernie Sanders supporters try and claim that Biden and Trump are the same and that we are just “centrists”?

I bring up the Supreme Court.

Trump could very well promote Amy Comey Barret to the Supreme Court if RBG resigns or passes away.

That would kill abortion rights and LGBTQ rights in this country. Goodbye Roe v Wade. Goodbye Obergefell V Hodges. Hell, goodbye Lawrence v Texas!

Biden is not going to promote someone to SCOTUS who will overturn those rulings.

Are you gonna blame “centrists” if Trump is able to win and kill abortion rights in this country ? I am progressive and extremist AF on abortion rights. There should be no exceptions to when a pregnant person should be able to abort.

Would I prefer Biden be for Medicare for all? Sure.

Guess what? Bernie would have needed a Congress that would have enacted M4A. So work to elect that Congress. Get that bill on Biden’s desk with a way to pay for it. (Biden said he wouldn’t sign M4A if it is wasn’t paid for) Force his hand.

Bernie would have needed a Congress to enact legislation to ban fracking. Elect that Congress. Force Biden’s hand.

Bernie would have needed a Congress that would have passed green new deal energy bills. Elect that Congress anyway. Force Biden’s hand. But don’t sit by and let Trump name the next one or two SCOTUS nominees.

*This of course is irrelevant in many of the other safe red states. I see no evidence that Louisiana will do anything but vote Trump. So if you live in Louisiana, or any other safe red state, I couldn’t care less who you vote for.

But in states like MI/WI/PA/FL etc, voting third party, writing Bernie in, or doing anything other than voting for the Democratic nominee will set us back decades.

And if you want to label me a centrist for that? Then I question your definitions.