How Badly Does Your State Gerrymander?

I have created a YouTube playlist that will go into detail how badly each state draws their Congressional districts. It is all part of my Stop The Coup project that I discussed on the last podcast. As I produce videos, they will be added to that playlist. You can help me fight gerrymandering, voter suppression, and the politicians who support these tactics by making a contribution and by sharing the links.

Liberal Dan Radio 12/09/2020: Coming to Terms With Activism

On the December 9, 2020 episode of Liberal Dan Radio I will be discussing my relaunch of the “Coming to Terms With Activism” series on YouTube. What it means, why I am making it, and what you can do to support this and other content I create. 

I will also be discussing the GOP Coup continuation, another video series that I started prior to the 2020 Election that looks like it will have at least one more installment. 

We will also be discussing the GA Senate runoff elections and the goings on in Florida that should have everyone concerned. 

Those issues and more at 8PM Central on Liberal Dan Radio, Talk From The Left, That’s Right.

If you are listening after the live broadcast you can leave comments on the show thread at, on the Liberal Dan Facebook page, and @liberaldanradio on Twitter. 

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How To Fix The ACA Mandate (if we win both seats in GA)

On YouTube I have posted a new video on how we could reword the mandate in the Affordable Care Act so that it would potentially be able to survive future challenges. Check it out below.

I am trying to make the show more accessible to everyone. I did place the text in the video so that people can read or listen. I also have provided a transcript of what was said.