The Olympics and YouTube

I posted this video the other day about Barack Obama and an American Crossroads video that was taking his words from his speech in Roanoke out of context.

Well, imagine my surprise this morning when I found that the International Olympic Committee made a claim about the video saying that I violated their intellectual property.

Excuse me? There is no olympic content in this video. There is a mock up of Obama on a big screen giving his speech that the folks from American Crossroads made. But that is not the olympics.

YouTube says that I could have my account terminated for falsely asserting fair use on my videos. I would like to know if the IOC will get their account terminated if they falsely assert copyright violations against people who don’t even use their content.

Another Conservative Misrepresentation

In this nasty political cycle, which may probably be one of the dirtiest ever, there are going to be a lot of lies coming out of the woodwork. I think it is vital that every person, looking for an honest and fair election, to help spread the word and prepare others for when they encounter lies, fabrications or misrepresentations.

One of the recent ones I saw involves a Veterans Day ceremony from 2009. It claims that Obama is not respecting something pertaining to the event. However, the picture was really taking place during the playing of hail to the chief. Do Conservatives really think that the President should cover his heart or salute when hail to the chief is played?

Here is the link to the Snopes article debunking the claim. Now you too can fight the misrepresentations.