Liberal Dan Radio 11/30/2016: Surviving the Trumpocalypse

The Trump/Pence has sounded and wildfires blaze, the Trumpocalypse is coming. Being prepared for what is to come requires a close look at how he intends to “govern” and a look at what we need to do to stand together against his plans and the people has has emboldened.

The list of people he is considering for posts is mind numbingly stupid and his supporters grow more and more dangerous by the day. The time to be silent is over. It is time to stand up and stand together against this threat to our country. So tune in at 8pm Cental on Blog Talk Radio to Liberal Dan Radio: Talk From The Left, That’s Right.

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Liberal Dan Radio 11/16/2016: The Electoral College

Hate the #ElectoralCollege? Love it? Tonight at 8pm Central, on Liberal Dan Radio,  I will go over some of the following topics.

Why was it needed?

Do we need it today?

Should anything at the national level be decided by a “popular vote”?

Would candidates really ignore “flyover country” without it?

Why is the modern implementation of the Electoral College a violation of the founders principals of what it was supposed to do?

Those topics and more tonight at 8pm Central on Liberal Dan Radio: Talk From The Left, That’s Right.

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“Today is a beginning, not an ending”

Earlier today I was in a place where I was thinking of giving up on doing the Liberal Dan Radio podcast. Not just for today, but for good. That is basically how hopeless I felt about things.

That is until a friend of mine told me this: “You have to. Today is a beginning, not an ending”

That gave me the strength to get on the air. So I want to thank that friend for that. And during the podcast I realized an important thing. While I am Jewish and Trumps pandering to antisemites still terrifies me, there are many other people out there… friends of mine who have shared their fears today. People who may feel less than safe about speaking up during a Trump Administration about their fears and needs. Those people are going to need advocates. I can use my show to be one of those advocates. I can use my show to stand up and fight for others who do not feel comfortable standing up and being visible right now. So that is what I will do.

Liberal Dan Radio 11/9/2016: #Trumpocalypse Election 2016 fallout

On the November 9, 2016 episode of Liberal Dan Radio:

Donald Trump beat the odds and won the election. I will go over my reactions that night.

And then I will discuss the repercussions of electing him. What will happen with the Supreme Court? Does Obama still have a chance to appoint Scalila’s replacement? How will the makeup of the court look? Can Obamacare last? Will the Democrats be able to stop anything over the next four years?

All those questions and more will be discussed at 8pm Central on Liberal Dan Radio: Talk From The Left, That’s Right.

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