Liberal Dan Radio 09/16/2020: American Nazis

On the September 16, 2020 episode of Liberal Dan Radio

It has been shown that a large majority of young Americans do not know that 6 million Jews died during the Holocaust. (They probably don’t know the Nazis killed 6 million others as well.) History forgotten tends to repeat itself. Back in 2016 I was mocked for concerns I’d raised about Trump pandering to white supremacists and using Hitler’s playbook to win the election. Well, he has proven me right. We will discuss those issues on the show tonight. 

But first, we will discuss some Covid, Trump’s “herd mentality”, and what some schools are doing in New Orleans that is setting a horrible example for the children. 

Those topics, the 2020 Election, and more tonight on Liberal Dan Radio, Talk from the Left, that’s Right. Wednesdays at 8pm Central on Blog Talk Radio. 

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