This video shows why Conservatives just don’t get it.

Please go check out this video from “Louder with Crowder” before reading any further (if you have not already done so).

Now, if your head has not already exploded from his many flawed arguments (or if you are still not seeing the flawed arguments made by Mr. Crowder) please allow me to illuminate you.

1) He starts off the video getting the argument wrong. This is not about bakers refusing to make wedding cakes with specific designs on them. This is about bakers refusing to make wedding cakes for gay people. Need proof of this? Look at the Colorado case that pretty much spawned much of the debate over this issue. The baker did not refuse the design. The baker refused to serve them because they are gay.

Let me be clear. A baker would be more than free to say no to designing any cake that was deemed objectionable. Let’s say you had a baker who followed halal, kept Kosher, or had a vegetarian kitchen. If a gay customer wanted a wedding cake that had frosting flavored with real bacon, the baker could freely reject the customer who was gay. The basis for the rejection would be absolutely legal. Let’s take another example. Let’s say a baker would refuse to create objectionable artwork like genitals on a cake. That baker would likely oppose making such a cake for anybody regardless of sexual orientation. Such a customer could be turned away, gay or not.

So this clearly is not about making a “fabulous” cake. This is about refusing to serve people who are in homosexual relationships. With that being said, you could likely take the rest of the video with a grain of salt. Any point made after the initial argument would be based on a false premise and would automatically be false. But let’s take a look and see what other faulty arguments Mr. Crowder can make.

2) Why does it matter what they do in Iran, or the Middle East, or even Canada? Those countries are not a part of America. We are discussing the laws in our states, not the laws of other countries. So what other countries do is irrelevant. But let’s see what he is trying to say by mentioning what these other countries do (especially in the Middle East). The assumption that any person watching his video is likely to make is that he is saying persons who are gay should be happy with their lives here in America because if they were living somewhere else, they would likely be dead for their sexual orientation. This of course is not a very good argument to make. Just because one could have it worse off somewhere else doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t seek to have it better here. This is America. We are supposed to be the greatest nation on the planet. We should strive to be the best, and not just “a little better than Iran or Canada”.

Furthermore, I could also turn this around on Mr. Crowder. A Christian in the Middle East might not be able to open a bakery. If they did, and they denied to bake a cake for a wedding they might not agree with (say a Muslim wedding), what might happen to that person? All we are doing here in America is asking them to bake a cake for persons who are gay and are getting married. So shouldn’t he just be happy with the way things are and being “forced” to make people who are gay cakes? No? That argument doesn’t work? Didn’t think so. It also doesn’t work when you use it on persons who are gay.

3) His point at the end about how he felt like they were going to blow him up? Disgusting. Plain and simple.

So there you have it. Mr. Crowder starts his argument from an incorrect premise and it continues to fall apart over the course of the video. Seems like Mr. Crowder was more interested in being popular than being right.

Liberal Dan Radio 03/26/2015: The proposed Florida bathroom law

On the March 26, 2015 episode of Liberal Dan Radio:

Ted Cruz has announced his candidacy. I will explain why he shouldn’t be President because of one simple fact. I will also explain why that one simple fact has nothing to do with his place of birth.

Indiana and California are dealing with some very disturbing anti-gay legislation. I will go into each of those topics and give my opinion on them.

I will also be talking to my fellow Disney freak Kaden. Kaden lives in Florida and is very concerned about a new bathroom law that is being pushed in Florida and the impact it would have on transfolk like himself.

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Liberal Dan Radio 9/3/2014: Victim blaming and backwards thinking

On the September 3, 2014 episode of Liberal Dan Radio:

Several celebrities have had nudes of them released that were obtained by people hacking their accounts. Some people are suggesting that keeping your pictures in “the cloud” is not a safe way to store such pictures and that such people are just “asking for it”. Others suggest that taking such pictures altogether are them asking for it. Others see hypocrisy in the treatment of female celebrities and male celebrities. I will cut through the hype and give my feelings on why some scenarios are different than the others and also explain why some of this blame being placed on the persons who took those pictures is just another example of victim blaming. Victim blaming just victimizes the victim.

More victim blaming comes at the hands of Cee Lo Green. After being accused of raping a person who was drugged, he had the gaul to suggest that sex with an unconcious person is not rape. Seriously. Forget you…

Another example where a victim is again victimized is the case of Nick Olivas, a male in Arizona who at 15 had non consensual (read rape) sexual relations with a 20 year old woman. As a 15 year old he could not consent to sex with the 20 year old but yet he is financially responsible for it? That makes zero sense.

Finally, I will discuss the ruling in Louisiana today that upheld the Louisiana ban on same sex marriage. Again, Louisiana bucks national trends to the detrement of its citizenry. Louisiana will eventually be forced to recognize marriage equality, but it will be dragged there kicking and screaming.

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