Liberal Dan Radio 09/15/2021: California, I don’t Recall…

On the September 15, 2021 episode of Liberal Dan Radio, I will be discussing the failed California recall effort, rape culture within US Gymnastics and our Government, and AOC at the Met Gala. 

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“Hypocrite of the Week” – Music: If I Had a Chicken – Kevin MacLeod

Bad Arguments for the Electoral College

Conservatives love the Electoral College. It is the only way that they were able to elect Donald Trump in 2016. In defending this antiquated institution, they unfortunately will bring out the same old tired arguments when the truth clearly shows that they cannot win without a system that is rigged in their favor. They gerrymander districts, they kick voters off the roles, and they hold on to the Electoral College that gives small states far too much power than even the founders intended.

Let’s start there. In his article against the attempts to pass the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPV), Trent England suggests that small-town and rural America will be “reduced to serfdom” by the big bad mean city-folk. He feels that rural America will be taken advantage of if you don’t allow the Electoral College to stand as it is. Is that true though? Our founders put in a mechanism that exists simply to help smaller states from being trampled over by the larger ones. It is called the United States Senate. In the Senate, each state has the same power. While the electoral college does grant a state more say by allowing it to count all seats held in both chambers of Congress, I have discussed on my podcast previously that the number of House seats is artificially low. If we took the smallest population state (Wyoming) and used it as a base, and then counted how many “Wyomings” worth of population existed in each state, we would see that we would need about 100 more seats in the House than we currently have.

England says that the Electoral College makes it more difficult to win the Presidency. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Donald Trump won with fewer votes than Hillary Clinton. He literally had to convince fewer people than he would have needed to convince had we used a popular vote system. The Electoral College makes it so that you don’t have to campaign hard. In fact, anywhere between six and ten states are considered “in play” in any given election. While these may fluctuate every four years, candidates only have to campaign in these few states instead of having to convince all fifty that they are the right person for the job. How is that not making the campaign easier?

This also brings up the whole myth of the “flyover state”. Conservatives argue that eliminating the Electoral College will cause these rural states to be excluded from the process. I argue that the current system excludes many people from the process as it is. Many of those people live in those rural states. Candidates only need to focus on those ten states. Let’s look at the states that Donald Trump visited in the general election. Shall we?

Donald Trump Campaign Rallies

Each green dot represents a campaign rally. Notice where these rallies do not take place. None took place in Idaho. None took place in Montana. None took place in all these rural flyover areas. Why? Because the GOP knows that they have these states in the bag. There is no reason for either Presidential candidate to go to these states. The candidates are already treating them as flyover states. What would opening up the popular vote do? It would make every Democrat in those states important again. It would make every Republican in “safe” blue states important again as well. Candidates would have every reason to try and get every single possible vote they could get. These states would no longer be flown over.

England also states that by passing the NPV, states are violating the Constitution. I don’t believe this to be true. Each state is allowed to split up their electors as they see fit. Two states award electors by congressional district with two at-large electors to represent the Senate seats. If a state determines that it will award the electoral votes to whoever wins the national popular vote, then that is their prerogative.

Conservatives are scared that with more people voting, they are more likely to lose. That is why you see all these attempts by Conservatives to keep the vote down. Enacting a popular vote would absolutely drive up voter turnout because people in states that previously didn’t matter will now matter. The way that Conservatives fight this shows us that this is only good for liberals. That is why Conservatives have to come up with these bad arguments in support of the Electoral College. They need to hope that enough people will believe them. Now you know why you shouldn’t.

Liberal Dan Radio 12/17/2014: Freedom loses

On the December 17, 2014 episode of Liberal Dan Radio:

Freedom has taken several hits this week. A Supreme Court ruling, Heien v North Carolina, has ruled that a search conducted after a police officer misapplies the law is a legal search. This, however, was not the case in Arizona V. Gant. I will discuss both cases and why I believe this is an elimination of freedom.

Sony pictures caved today and is refusing to release the movie after a group threatened to attack movie theaters that showed the movie. Several chains had already said that they would not be showing the movie previous to this anouncement. I will give my thoughts on this as well.

In other news, the GOP has shown their hypocrisy yet again. I will discuss how and why as well.

Those issues and more on Wednesday at 8pm central on Liberal Dan Radio, Talk From The Left, That’s Right.

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Liberal Dan Radio 6/25/2014: More on Jindal and his party of stupid and more

On the June 25, 2014 episode of Liberal Dan Radio:

Bobby Jindal is still up to no good, including discussing the idea of a “hostile takeover” of the US. I will continue my review of him and his leadership of the stupid party.

Front and center of the stupid party is the tea party. When Senator Cochran defeated tea party candidate Chris McDaniel in the GOP primary runoff in Mississippi, he did so by reaching out to Democrats in black communities. The response by the tea party folks is amazing and shows why they continue to have a perception problem (if not a problem in reality).

Finally, the Supreme Court made a very big ruling on privacy rights today. Even better is that the ruling was unanimously reached. I will go into that subject as well.

All those issues, headlines, tweet of the week, and more Wednesday at 8pm Central on Liberal Dan Radio: Talk From The Left, That’s Right.

Liberal Dan Radio 6/18/2014: The “Stupid Party” and its leader

On the June 18th, 2014 episode of Liberal Dan Radio:

From Benghazi to small government only when they want it to be, the GOP continues to live up to the label that Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal called it when he said that they needed to stop being the “stupid party”. But not even Bobby Jindal is immune to the stupidity as he unleashes more horrible legislation on the state (which is even worse than how I described it last week). So today I review the stupidty and show why Bobby Jindal is the person spearheading the increase of stupidity in the party instead of the one eliminating it.

Those issues, headlines, tweet of the week and more at Wednesday 8pm Central on Liberal Dan Radio: Talk From The Left, That’s Right.

Liberal Dan Radio 6/11/2014: DOWN GOES CANTOR!

On the June 11th, 2014 episode of Liberal Dan Radio:

Back from vacation and so much to discuss. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal signed a bill into law that seeks to retroactively strip the ability of local flood protection agencies to sue oil companies for damage done to the flood protection system by their drilling processes. So much for the free market. This smells more like protectionism. I will go into why this is a bad idea and why this decision is similar to what happened in Oklahoma .

Louisiana also embarassed itself by requiring doctors to keep a dying pregnant woman alive, despite any advance directives, in order to allow her to be a breeding vessel. I will briefly cover this and the other law that required doctors to have admitting privileges in nearby hospitals.

But the main point of discussion this week will be the stunning loss of Eric Cantor, House Majority Leader, in a primary election. All through my attempts to push the #RetakeCongress I have said that no election should be taken for granted. I have discussed the desire of the media to mock underfunded candidates in order to prove that money is needed to win elections (specifically money to buy their advertising). I have discussed why it is vital to get out and vote in every election. Cantor losing puts a huge exclamation point and should clearly show why it is vital to not sit at home on election day.

Those issues, headlines, tweet of the week and more at 8pm Central on Liberal Dan Radio: Talk From The Left, That’s Right.

The GOP responsibility on the debt ceiling, in a nutshell.

Imagine you have a credit card. On that credit card you schedule several auto-payments that will charge the credit card for goods or services over the course of the year. That card has a limit.

Now, you know that if you do nothing but pay the minimum payments on the credit card that eventually your auto payments are going to cause you to exceed your credit card limit. If you do nothing and allow this to happen, you will have increased fees, the amount you pay for that debt may go up to a penalty rate, and when the card rejects further payments to those other companies you will either lose those services you enjoy or the items that you purchased. If this happens to you, you would likely be called irresponsible and rightly so.

The GOP is in this same boat. They agreed to a certain amount of spending over the course of the year. They knew that at some point during the year that the debt ceiling would be reached if they didn’t do anything. Now, unlike you in the credit card example, government has more options. They can cut spending (i.e. the spending they already agreed to), they can increase revenue, and they can increase the amount of debt available to them. See, unlike you, they have a Constitution that states the debt of the United States may not be questioned.

But the GOP refuses increased revenue. During the Republican primary debates, when asked if they would accept a deal that reduced $10 in spending for every $1 in revenue gained via taxes, not one person would agree to this.

And the GOP refuses to commit to increasing the debt ceiling. In doing so they push us closer and closer to the edge. They are playing a very dangerous game of chicken that could be avoided IF they would just agree to allow the spending to take place that they agreed to in the first place.

And that is the problem in a nutshell. The GOP agreed to put the country on auto payments to the point that we would reach the debt ceiling. SO the GOP must now do the responsible thing and increase the debt ceiling so the problems do not turn into a crisis. Anything else and they can NEVER claim to be the party of “fiscal responsibility” again.

Liberal Dan Radio July 3rd, 2013: More on Jindal’s veto (and more)

 This week’s Liberal Dan Radio will air on July 3rd at 8pm.

I will talk about several issues. At the end of the hour I will be talking with another member of the grassroots movement to override the Governor’s veto of services for persons with developmental disabilities.

I will also be discussing the Algiers ferry with someone from Friends of the Ferry. The service hours of the Algiers ferry has been reduced significantly. Some people are thinking a lawsuit might be what is needed to stop this from happening.

If there is time I will also be discussing the sheer insantiy that is sweeping throug the GOP at the moment. They are obsessed and they cannot help themselves.

All that, headlines, words of redneck wisdom, and more on Liberal Dan Radio: Talk From The Left, That’s Right!

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Liberal Dan Radio 6/20/2013: SCOTUS Recap

This Thursday on Liberal Dan radio I will be discussing the myriad of Supreme Court decisions made after the myriad decision. Many rulings were revealed on Monday. Of those I will at least discuss the ruling on voting rights in Arizona and on 5th amendment rights.

At the time of this posting there has been no ruling on prop 8 or DOMA. However, by the time the show airs on Thursday, many are speculating that those rulings will come down as well. So obviously I will be discussing those cases as well.

I will also be spending some time discussing the GOP obsession with abortion bans. Just when you thought they couldn’t get any more crazy…

I will also talk about David Vitter and both his amendment to the farm bill and his Freudian slip about it.

Finally, I will be updating everyone on the Liberal Dan Radio  Kickstarter project that I created. Several new funding levels were started to give people a wider variety of options. So please, take advantage of it while it is still open for backers.

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Live Blogging the State of the Union

Tonight I will be live blogging my responses to the state of the union and the responses by the GOP and tea party.

There are already excerpts being given out on what President Obama is going to say. It seems a major theme is going to be developing the middle class. The proposals he will be giving tonight are supposed to be budget neutral. Regardless of if true or not, I am sure the GOP will deny it.

On national defense, President Obama is expected to discuss reducing nuclear weapons and bringing troops home from Afghanistan. I am sure the tea party response, if not the main GOP response, will be critical of the reduction of nuclear weapons (even though we have more than enough to take out everyone else on Earth).

There is also a suggestion that President Obama will announce a free trade agreement with Europe. I am ok with “free trade” as long as it is “fair trade”. The American worker cannot compete with workers in other countries where labor laws are not equivalent.

Of course, excerpts of the official GOP response is also available. (What an amazing time we live in where we can debate excerpts from two speeches before they even happen.) Rubio looks like he will rest his middle class argument on having a “free economy”. This usually means an economy with less governmental regulation. Of course, it is competition and not a free economy that is good for consumers. The “free economy” supported by Rubio and the GOP (as well as the tea party) allows for large corporations to consolidate power and provide barriers to entry, including economies of scale, that prevent upward mobility for individuals and make it harder for competition to do its job in keeping prices down.

Rubio blames President Obama and government for businesses not giving raises and reducing benefits. It is amazing how Conservatives think. It is not the greed of the business owners that are to blame for this in their eyes. Forget the fact that Wall Street is doing amazingly well. Forget the fact that the disparity between the wealthy and the poor is the highest it has ever been in years. No, to the GOP the reason that these business owners are not sharing in their personal successes is because of taxes and required benefits. I guarantee you that many of these businesses, if they didn’t have their higher tax rates and if they didn’t have to cover health insurance, that the additional revenue gained would not be going into the pockets of the employees. That money would just go into the pockets of the employers.

If the GOP gets its way, no additional employees will be hired, no additional wages would be paid, and no additional benefits will be earned. Most employers are not altruistic. Most employers will not just give away their profits. Unless labor can force them to pay more money, the employers will keep as much as possible. But it has been the main goal of the GOP recently to take power away from labor. And that is why the GOP plans are bad for the economy because they are bad for the worker. They take power away from employees and give it to the employer. And when the employer has that upper hand, the employee gets stuck having to take whatever he/she can get.

Rubio wants growth in the economy. But growth wont happen until we stop making it profitable for US jobs to be shipped overseas. Growth wont happen if we sign free trade agreements with other countries that lack the employee protections that we currently have.

The Tea Party response from Rand Paul is also available online. Unfortunately it is full of straw man arguments and is really not worthy of comment at this time. I will wait until the full speech is given to see if he gets into details or if he is just full of hot air.