Rape is Rape… even on a date

This election cycle, the GOP have come out with an all out assault on women’s rights. They attack Sandra Fluke for daring to suggest that women should have their preventive care covered just like everyone else has their preventive care covered. Abortion rights are under assault with state sponsored person-hood amendments. And the idea that there are rapes that are more “rapey” than others just seem to come out of the mouths of GOP candidates from sea to shining sea. Most of the people who are making such comments about raped women are male.

So it is refreshing to see a male candidate discussing the issue of rape in a way that is supportive of half the country. He said “Rape is Rape” in response to Mourdoch and his asinine comments about rape and pregnancy and when you are raped and impregnated, that it is a “gift from God”.

Obama said:

Let me make a very simple proposition: Rape is rape. It is a crime. And so these various distinctions about rape don’t make too much sense to me — don’t make any sense to me.

I agree with him. We have heard many different ways to describe rape by these clowns. We have “honest rape“, “legitimate rape“,  and “forcible rape“. Hell, even Whoopi Goldberg once said that a Roman Polanski didn’t commit “rape rape“. Women’s groups have come out against such labels. I have one more label that should be thrown out. It has bothered me since I first heard it and I still have issues with it today. That is the term “date rape”.

Now, I understand the reason behind the label of date rape. Rape can occur on dates. In fact, most rapes will be perpetrated by someone the victim knows. It is VITAL that our culture changes the way that we educate people on what rape is because we cannot just teach people that they should have their own version of “stranger danger” and expect to be safe from crimes of sexual violence. But if we are to reject any descriptor that modifies rape and makes it different than some other rape, then shouldn’t we also have to stop using the term date rape and instead just explain to people that rapes most likely will be perpetrated by people you know?

And maybe I am wrong. Maybe there is some other reason that exists that breaks the rule on why we shouldn’t modify rapes into kinds. So if you believe I am wrong, please let me know.

My thoughts on the Winssboro burning

It was reported that there was a woman who was allegedly burned in a racist attack.

Now, the police are reporting that the story was made up. There is a claim that evidence points to her holding the lighter and the fluid. Some people are claiming that she confessed to doing it herself. However, others say that she can only blink to communicate. At this moment, I do not know what to think. I cannot say that I have faith in small town authorities in dealing with violent crimes against minorities. However, it is also possible that she is a sick individual that needs help.

That being said, I do not think there should be any quest for fast judgement. Let whatever authorities do their job. If it turns out that she really didn’t do it to herself then people should be found and punished. However, if it turns out that she really did do it to herself, then she is someone who needs serious therapy. I have no faith that with Jindal leading this state’s mental health services into the ground that this woman would get the help that she needs if she really needs help. And that is the sad part of this story. Either we have another victim of a racist violent crime or we have another victim of Jindal’s harmful cuts to our state healthcare system.

Hofstra Presidential Debate Thread

Welcome to my live comment thread for the 2nd Presidential Debate at Hofstra University.

Romney says he knows what it takes to get an economy started? Where, in China?

Obama hit the ball out of the park on the answer about education and how his plan would help the student get a job.

Romney lacks any real specifics on his tax plan, except for cutting capital gains taxes to zero for the middle class. What tax rate will people above $250,000 pay on their capital gains under Romney’s plan?

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Live Blogging the first 2012 POTUS Debate

Tonight is the first of three Presidential debates (and 4 debates total including the VP debate). There are a lot of expectations out there, most of them bad for Mitt Romney. Some conservatives point at Romney’s performance at the GOP debates as proof he may do well. However, look at his competition at those debates and you will quickly see why that isn’t really proof of everything.