Liberal Dan Radio 7/25/2018: Music4More and Mapmaker

On the July 25, 2018 Episode of Liberal Dan Radio:

Music 4 More is a 501(c)3 charity organization that launched in Baltimore in 2007. Their primary focus is collecting instrument donations and reintroducing them into struggling school and community music programs. Since their launch, Music 4 More has donated over 600 instruments to schools, after school programs, and community initiatives. I will be discussing the charity with Deidra Stevens and what you can do to help students and veterans (with their Music4Vets program.

In the bottom half of the hour I will be discussing the issue of Gerrymandering with Josh Lafair, one of the developers of the game Mapmaker, a boardgame about gerrymandering inspired by their own home district in Texas. I am excited that the Kickstarter is already funded and I wanted to help promote a game that intends to educate people more about how lines are drawn in our political process and what we need to do to make voting more fair.

The show won’t have many bits this week. I just have too much room for all the good topics.

Thanks to Ross Bugden – Music on YouTube for my show intro.


Liberal Dan Radio 5/14/2014: Injustices

On the May 14, 2014 episode of Liberal Dan Radio:

The story of the show is injustices. First I will talk about the injustice that took place in the recent supreme court ruling that states prayers before governmental meetings are ok. I will explain why this is wrong and why the justices who ruled in favor of this “tradition” get it wrong on “harm”.

I will then be discussing The Darker Side of Justice, with author Gerald Price about the injustices that can take place in our judicial system.

That, headlines, tweet of the week, and more this Wednesday at 8pm central on Liberal Dan Radio: Talk From The Left, That’s Right.

Remember, this is the last week for the Liberal Dan Radio Kickstarter. Contribute before May 20th.

Liberal Dan Radio 4/23/2014: Kickstart My Heart Again

On the April 23, 2014 episode of Liberal Dan Radio:

I have relaunched the Liberal Dan Radio Kickstarter project for 2014, this time with more Kickstarter goodness. I will discuss it a little bit in more detail.

Later in the show I will be talking to Alex Becker from Find out what can do for your neighborhood.

I will also be commenting on various other current events as time allows.

That, plus headlines, tweet of the week, and more on Liberal Dan Radio: Talk From The Left, That’s Right. Wednesday’s at 8pm central on Blog Talk Radio.

Liberal Dan Radio 6/20/2013: SCOTUS Recap

This Thursday on Liberal Dan radio I will be discussing the myriad of Supreme Court decisions made after the myriad decision. Many rulings were revealed on Monday. Of those I will at least discuss the ruling on voting rights in Arizona and on 5th amendment rights.

At the time of this posting there has been no ruling on prop 8 or DOMA. However, by the time the show airs on Thursday, many are speculating that those rulings will come down as well. So obviously I will be discussing those cases as well.

I will also be spending some time discussing the GOP obsession with abortion bans. Just when you thought they couldn’t get any more crazy…

I will also talk about David Vitter and both his amendment to the farm bill and his Freudian slip about it.

Finally, I will be updating everyone on the Liberal Dan Radio  Kickstarter project that I created. Several new funding levels were started to give people a wider variety of options. So please, take advantage of it while it is still open for backers.

All that plus Words of Redneck Wisdom, Tweet of the Week, Headlines and more on Liberal Dan Radio: Talk from the left, that’s right.

Liberal Dan Radio 06/13/2013: Kickstart My Heart!

Whoa! YEAH!

On tonight’s show of Liberal Dan Radio I will discuss Edward Snowden. Is he a traitor? Is he a hero? Is he even relevant and is there a bigger story here? Is there a difference between Facebook collecting your data and the US Government doing it?

Also, the privatization of prisons is big money. As it turns out, it is also big money for the judges who send the kids there. Find out what (finally) happened to a judge in PA who did just that.

And finally, I will discuss the Liberal Dan Radio Kickstarter. What it means for you and how you can help the show.

All that, headlines, tweet of the week, words of redneck wisdom and more, tonight on Liberal Dan Radio: Talk From the Left, That’s Right!

UPDATE: SCOTUS made a ruling today about the ability to patent DNA. I will definitely be discussing this ruling as well.