Friends Of The Show

Please also support these friends of the show. Getting 1000 subscriptions on YouTube can help channels get monetized. I want to create a one stop shop where we can showcase various other creators who are Liberal/Progressive/Leftist that you should also be supporting. (This page will grow as I announce new pages to follow each week. So make sure to check back often.)

After you subscribe to my Liberal Dan Radio YouTube Channel, follow @LiberalDanRadio on Twitter, and like my Liberal Dan Facebook page, and my NerdyDanDotCom social media sites, here are some other people on the left who you should also follow.


Tara Dublin is a new guest on the show who has a wonderful book to sell and stories to tell. And she is great on the radio. Check out the Tara Dublin substack as well.

Philip Ittner is a journalist who has over 25 years of experience in the field. He cares deeply about the people of Ukraine and reports regularly from there on various shows, including Hal Sparks, Thom Hartmann, Stephanie Miller, and of course Liberal Dan Radio.

Alex Paba is a talented musician who plays the piano and makes his own music. Paba means “Piano Bad-a$$”. Check out his link tree for all the ways you can listen to his music. And when you follow his social media, tell him Liberal Dan sent you.

The rest of the gang:

Friend of the show Hal Sparks can be found at, @HalSparks on Twitter, the Hal Sparks Facebook Page, and his Twitch channel (temporarily down).

Nimbus Yosh, the host with the most with the smooth sounds of The Percy Podcast is on Anchor and should be making new podcasts soon.

Deminox on Twitter is the first Liberal Dan Radio Patron and also has his own podcast, The World According to Nox.

Freedom, Speech, and You is a show by Ken and Andrea. They also have a Twitch channel and a Twitter account.

Andrea Brower also has her own podcast on Anchor, Living In It. I was a guest on her first show.

TV2 Live is a channel that supports me and I support them. Give them a subscription.

Trucker John is another user who regularly listens to my show and I am giving him a big shout out too.

Benniloco is another supporter of my channel and is a good singer too. Check out her YouTube channel.