Liberal Dan Radio 8/5/2015: Three Years

On the August 5, 2015 episode of Liberal Dan Radio:

I will discuss the last three years of Liberal Dan Radio and several of the issues being discussed today, including the Planned Parenthood fauxtroversy and the GOP debate craziness.

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Liberal Dan Radio 5/21/2015: Bobby Jindal is an embarrassment.

On the May 21, 2015 episode of Liberal Dan Radio:

Right as it looked like Louisiana wasn’t going to embarass itself, again, with discriminatory laws Bobby Jindal comes to save the day to keep Louisiana pushing downwards to the bottom of every list. Hypocrite Jindal issued an executive order directing his administration to basically enforce the legislation that wasn’t passed.

Say what? I will go into why that is majorly hipocritical. I will also go into why his executive order is not only discriminatory, but is poorly constructed as well.

If time permits I will also go into other issues and take your calls as well.

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Liberal Dan Radio 6/18/2014: The “Stupid Party” and its leader

On the June 18th, 2014 episode of Liberal Dan Radio:

From Benghazi to small government only when they want it to be, the GOP continues to live up to the label that Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal called it when he said that they needed to stop being the “stupid party”. But not even Bobby Jindal is immune to the stupidity as he unleashes more horrible legislation on the state (which is even worse than how I described it last week). So today I review the stupidty and show why Bobby Jindal is the person spearheading the increase of stupidity in the party instead of the one eliminating it.

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Liberal Dan Radio 4/8/2014: #CancelEverything

On the April 9, 2014 episode of Liberal Dan Radio:

Hashtags galore have been created dealing with the dissapointment some twitter users have with Stephen Colbert and Bill Maher over jokes made on their shows. Common consensus among those who are angry is that as white men they shouldn’t be making those jokes. Supporters of the shows suggest that perhaps intent should matter. I will go into my opinions of the statements made, including where Suey Park lost me, and about the backlash against hashtag activism.

Tuesday was #equalpayday. But what does the main point of #equalpayday leave out?

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal was rebuked by the courts who affirmed the stance of Liberal Dan Radio that he has no idea what the first amendment means. I will go a little more into this.

Finally, Louisiana Congressman Vance McAllister was caught on film making out with one of his female staffers (who he fired on #equalpayday). When will the GOP stop being taken seriously as the party of “family values”?

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Liberal Dan Radio 3/12/2014: CPAC: Worse Dayz

On the March 12, 2014 episode of Liberal Dan Radio:

I will first discuss a horrible attack ad I saw today by Cynthia Hedge-Morrell and explain why she is no better than Senate Conservatives.

I review what happened at CPAC. Straw polls, random musing, speeches, hypocrisy and all the other “good stuff” that can only come from a convention of tea party supporters.

I will also bring up charter schools. With what is going on in New York there has been some additional chatter happening about if these charter schools best serve the community. Some schools may have success. But at what cost?

Finally, Bobby Jindal has yet again proven himself to be a hypocrite. I will explain why this is nothing new.

Those topics, headlines, tweet of the week, and more on Liberal Dan Radio: Talk From The Left, That’s Right.

Liberal Dan Radio 1/22/2014: Hookers For Vitter

On the January 22nd, 2014 episode of Liberal Dan Radio:

The worst kept secret in Louisiana politics was revealed this week. Louisiana’s junior senator David Vitter has announced his candidacy for governor. Current governor Bobby Jindal is term limited and has to sit out a term before running again. Vitter is already pushing a “family values” campaign via his surrogates and that means the gloves come off when it comes to his involvement in the DC Madam scandal. Regardless of his “serious sins” I will go into why Vitter is bad for Louisiana. I will also explain why his own words make him inelligible to serve office according to his own standards.

Florida is at it again. Yet another shooting has taken place for no reason. Curtis Reeves, a former police captain, shot somebody over him sending text messages during the previews. And, of course, Reeves is claiming “self defense”. Now, nobody can say if that claim will be successful in court until the trial happens. However, if it does, this will be evidence that Florida law is absolutely ridiculous.

A Milwaukee couple was running a private, Christian, voucher school and that school abruptly closed down last month. What students did they serve? What happens to them now? And where are the owners? The answers to at least some might surprise you.

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Liberal Dan Radio 7/11/2013: More On Jindal (pt 2)

On Liberal Dan Radio for July 11, 2013:

Bobby Jindal has not only cut the budget when it comes to individuals with developmental disabilities, he has also cut funding for domestic violence and is draining the Elderly Trust Fund. Tonight I will speak with Bambi Polotzola (one of the grassroots supporters of the effort to override the veto). I will mostly focus on the funding for individuals with developmental disabilities. However, I will be making some comments on the other cuts.

I will also go into some of the issues I am having with the George Zimmerman trial.

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Those topics, headlines, words of redneck wisdom, and more tonight on Liberal Dan Radio: Talk From The Left, That’s Right.

Liberal Dan Radio July 3rd, 2013: More on Jindal’s veto (and more)

 This week’s Liberal Dan Radio will air on July 3rd at 8pm.

I will talk about several issues. At the end of the hour I will be talking with another member of the grassroots movement to override the Governor’s veto of services for persons with developmental disabilities.

I will also be discussing the Algiers ferry with someone from Friends of the Ferry. The service hours of the Algiers ferry has been reduced significantly. Some people are thinking a lawsuit might be what is needed to stop this from happening.

If there is time I will also be discussing the sheer insantiy that is sweeping throug the GOP at the moment. They are obsessed and they cannot help themselves.

All that, headlines, words of redneck wisdom, and more on Liberal Dan Radio: Talk From The Left, That’s Right!

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The Reason Bobby Jindal Supports OTC Birth Control

In an op-ed, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal stated his support for allowing birth control pills to be made available over the counter.

He also stated that he opposes the requirement that insurance policies not only cover oral contraception but do so at 100% first dollar.

To some it might seem counter-intuitive to support increased access to oral contraception while also seeking to allow employers to not cover oral contraception in health insurance policies (that are paid for by the work of their employees).

However, by making oral contraceptives available over the counter, the pills would no longer be covered under an insurance plans prescription coverage. So not only would Jindal make sure that his religious fundamentalist buddies would get their way by allowing them to offer their employees insurance without oral contraception coverage, he would also end up making it harder to obtain birth control (especially for those women who cannot use the simple generic version of the drug) because it would no longer be covered at 100% first dollar .

When I first heard of his support for making oral contraceptives available over the counter I  refused to believe that he was doing so to increase access to birth control for women. All I needed was a little time to uncover the method behind Jindal’s madness. So for those people who believe that Jindal has all of a sudden become more friendly to women’s issues, don’t kid yourself. That will never happen.

Update: Other bloggers have also seen through this facade.

Why Bobby Jindal is not your Birth Control Buddy also points out that this is about reducing access to oral contraception and questions Jindal’s inclusion of age into the argument.

Update 2: It is a little disturbing that Think Progress believes Jindal is waking to popular opinion and is pushing for increased access to birth control coverage. He is, in fact, distorting popular opinion to push his radical right wing agenda of restricting access to women.

Louisiana and Healthcare Reform

WLAE aired “Louisiana the State We’re In” tonight and it had several people on to discuss the Affordable Care Act and how it impacts the State of Louisiana. Republican Congressman Bill Cassidy, Louisiana State Senator and Louisiana Democratic Party head  Karen Carter Peterson and Steve Spires, head of the Louisiana Budget Project were all guests.

They first discussed the scheduled July 11th House repeal vote. Congressman Cassidy stated that the reason it is important to have this vote, even though it wont make the Senate and wouldn’t get signed by the President, is that we need to continue the discussion. Uh, what discussion? There has been no discussion on the part of the Republican Party on this issue. They never wanted to come to the table and deal with the Democrats on how to best reform Healthcare as they had no intent on ever helping Obama gain a political victory. He still managed to get one despite their best efforts, but they never wanted to discuss it so I cannot imagine they would want to discuss anything now. They are absolutely welcome to prove me wrong and I would be the first person to admit if I was wrong on it. They likely just want to use their Congressional platform to wave their banner and give more lies about the law instead of doing what they should be doing and creating a jobs bill to help put the American people back to work. Unfortunately, they don’t want Americans going back to work until a Republican President takes office.

Peterson and Cassidy debated the idea of Bobby Jindal rejecting the additional help for Louisiana’s working poor to help them get insurance via Medicaid when they normally wouldn’t be able to have any health coverage. Peterson described this as a callous disregard for the decision of the court and harmful for 500,000 Louisiana Citizens. Cassidy described this as Governor Jindal coming to the rescue and helping to save us from “bad policy”. He also said that states are spending more money on Medicaid than on education and that an education is more likely to get someone out of poverty than healthcare. Peterson countered by claiming that if the child is sick they won’t be able to benefit from an education.

Senator Peterson is right, however, in Louisiana, even if they get an education it might include from state dollars that are spent teaching people that the Loch Ness Monster is proof against evolution. I find it hard to believe that such an education would help anyone escape poverty. There are also many issues with the government vouchers that Louisiana is implementing that I have some huge problems with. But that is beyond the scope of this post. But one thing that Bobby Jindal has some experience doing is cutting services to people on Medicaid. So nobody should be surprised that Bobby Jindal would refuse expanding medical service to people who need them. Steve Spires added that there is an economic benefit to Louisiana for accepting these funds. It would not only lift the burden on some state plans that are only funded by state tax dollars before the expansion of coverage, but it would also help reimburse some doctors who provide treatment without compensation.

I kinda felt sorry for Mr. Spires on the show. You had two politicians and a guy with a lot of facts and figures who kept getting drowned out by the rhetoric. I wish he could have been allowed to speak more about the actual numbers.

The thing I found amazing about the show was Bill Cassidy complaining that the prohibition of insurance companies denying children coverage because of preexisting conditions was causing a death spiral in the market and causing insurance companies to no longer provide coverage for single children. What he doesn’t mention is that the fix to that is the mandate. Once they are required to have coverage, people cannot just wait until they are sick to buy insurance. They are required to either have it or pay the penalty to the IRS. Unfortunately, Congressman Cassidy did not go into detail of anti-selection and why mandates prevent it. Fortunately, Mr Spires jumped right on it and explained why the mandate solves the problem of the death spiral.

Mr. Spires then added that the state based exchanges would help bring prices down in the individual market  and make it more affordable. Unfortunately, Governor Jindal is refusing to implement those as well.

It was a good watch for anyone who wants a little more information about how this law impacts the citizens of Louisiana in a positive way and how Governor Jindal’s actions may very well hurt the citizens of Louisiana. I just wish Mr. Spires would have been given more time.