Liberal Dan Radio 5/21/2015: Bobby Jindal is an embarrassment.

On the May 21, 2015 episode of Liberal Dan Radio:

Right as it looked like Louisiana wasn’t going to embarass itself, again, with discriminatory laws Bobby Jindal comes to save the day to keep Louisiana pushing downwards to the bottom of every list. Hypocrite Jindal issued an executive order directing his administration to basically enforce the legislation that wasn’t passed.

Say what? I will go into why that is majorly hipocritical. I will also go into why his executive order is not only discriminatory, but is poorly constructed as well.

If time permits I will also go into other issues and take your calls as well.

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Some brief points on the oral contraception madate ruling

A) It ignores science. Science has not shown any evidence that oral contraception is an abortifacient (even in the extremely wrong definition of abortion that includes preventing implantation)

B) I don’t want ANYBODY’S religious freedoms trampled on but if one makes a claim that a pill causes an abortion as part of their legal filings they should be required to prove that before it is accepted as an argument before the court. If you say “x harms me and as such I shouldn’t be required to do x” shouldn’t you have to prove the harm done by x? Or are we now allowing people to claim harm when none exists?

C) It doesn’t matter how many kinds of pills Hobby Lobby provides. Other companies take an even more restrictive stance and would ban all oral contraception. This ruling allows that.

D) the decision of what pill a patient should use should be up to her and her doctor only. Hobby Lobby (and other employers) should have no say.

E) The birth control, and any other benefit obtained in lieu of pay, should all be considered paid, IN FULL, by that employees labor and that employees labor alone.

F) This is not about religious freedom. Had an Islamic group complained under the RFRA Conservatives would not have come out in support of them. This is about forcing Christian beliefs on others using government.

G) Previously the way that we dealt with a bad ruling (Lily Ledbetter v Goodyear Tire) we elected a Democratic Congress to support this President and enable him to deliver on a change to the law via the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. It is time to rally the troops and do this again. If we edit the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and require persons claiming harm to establish that harm is actually happening before requiring government to prove why the actions causing the harm are necessary then we can return the law back to where it should be.

Liberal Dan Radio May 21, 2014: #RENEWUI and #RETAKECONGRESS

On the May 21, 2014 episode of Liberal Dan Radio:

The calls to renew the unemployment extension have resumed. I will go into why conservative arguments agaisnt the unemployment expansion fall flat on their face.

Then I discuss more issues dealing with the #RetakeCongress tag I created. First, the GOP will be running against President Obama in 2014. So shouldn’t Barack Obama run against them in 2014 if he wants a Congress to support him?

Finally, I will be speaking with Vic Meyers, candidate in Colorado’s 4th Congressional District, about his campaign.

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Liberal Dan Radio 5/7/2014: More On OK Repubicans

On the May 7th, 2014 episode of Liberal Dan Radio: Last week I discussed the Oklahoma governor’s refusal to follow the stay of execution ordered by the OK Supreme court and the legislature using the threat of impeachment to force the court to eliminate the stay. I will go into more details about what happened and some of the dodges that several Conservatives have tried to use to avoid that subject.

The White House Correspondents’ Dinner was  held over the weekend. President Obama had some great delivery and some great lines. I will review some of the comments made.

Finally, at 8:30 I will be bringing on Paul Leonard, candidate running to represent Southern California in Congress. We will be discussing his campaign and taking your calls.

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Liberal Dan Radio 4/30/2014: Rednecks, Racism, and Retake Congress

On the April 30, 2014 episode of Liberal Dan Radio:

Words of Redneck wisdom makes a triumphant return but this time not from our good old boy from CPAC. I will give you three guesses on who it is.

And then from Rednecks to older businessmen and racism. LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling has also, allegedly, come out making some horrible comments about race. I will go over some of the words made and discuss why this is worse than some people are giving him “credit” for.

Finally, Liberal Dan Radio continues the #RetakeCongress segment by inviting candidate for Congress in the 6th district of Texas David Cozad.

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Liberal Dan Radio 04/02/2014: Hypocrisy Lobby

On the April 2, 2014 episode of Liberal Dan Radio:

More discussion on the SCOTUS case about oral contraception and the Affordable Care Act. New information now shows Hobby Lobby is quite hypocritical in its issues is has with oral contraception being offered as a benefit in the health insurance policies it provides in lieu of salary.

I will also be having a conversation with Ronny Richards, candidate for Congress in Ohio’s second district as part of my #RetakeCongress campaign.

Finally, as a last minute addition, I will be talking about today’s Supreme Court ruling on “free speech” and campaign finance law. Just how dumb are the drab five?

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Liberal Dan Radio 03/19/2014: CottBot and Retake Congress

On the March 19, 2014 episode of Liberal Dan Radio:

Have you ever wished you had a way to make sure that the items you purchase are not funding causes you disagree with? The old fashioned way of protesting when companies supported causes you did not agree with was to join a large group and to make a large show of it and hope others will join in. Well, I am going to talk to Austen Hoogan, creator of the idea called CottBot, and discuss his upcoming crowd-funding campagn to support this free mobile application. Instead of boycotting one business for violating one of your ideals, you can boycott all businesses who violate all your ideals.

Then I will be discussing #retakeCongress, the hashtag I will be using to discuss the upcoming 2014 elections and what needs to be done to take  Congress back. First up is Ron Dickey, candidate for Congress in the MS01 Congressional district. I will discuss with Ron how his campaign is going, what his priorities would be when he goes to Congress, and how he intends on making that a reality.

And then I will discuss the candidacy of Edwin Edwards for Congress in Louisiana’s 6th congressional district. Yup, he went ahead and did it. And I will talk about it some more becuase it is important.

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