Tonight is the first of three Presidential debates (and 4 debates total including the VP debate). There are a lot of expectations out there, most of them bad for Mitt Romney. Some conservatives point at Romney’s performance at the GOP debates as proof he may do well. However, look at his competition at those debates and you will quickly see why that isn’t really proof of everything.


13 thoughts on “Live Blogging the first 2012 POTUS Debate”
  1. Well, first off Obama proved he is intelligent by making sure he wished his wife a happy 20th anniversary. Good for him. 🙂

  2. I guess Romney has decided to run against the President by embracing his platform while attacking him for the same platform. We have seen this before, when he attacked Obama for the “you didn’t build that” comment but then explained how businesses become successful because of the contributions of others.

  3. How does Mitt Romney say with a straight face that he is not cutting the taxes and then say he will lower the tax rate?

  4. Obama cuts $2.5 in spending for every $1 in taxes he raises. Mitt Romney won’t raise tax $1 even if he could cut $10 in spending.

  5. Ugh, Romney just doubled down on trickle down by stating that his increase in revenue comes from increased jobs created by his tax cuts.

  6. Romney won’t give us a plan. So when he repeals Obamacare, it will mean a return to rescission, pre-existing condition clauses, and other parts of old healthcare plans that was abused by many in the insurance industry.

  7. Final thoughts on this debate. I find it humorous that all the Conservatives are desperately trying to claim that Romney won. Romney likely did better than he should have done. Obama didn’t do as good as he could have done. He should have been a little more aggressive about Romney and his plans, or lack thereof.

    One of the silliest attacks against Barack Obama was that his head was down. Well, his head was down because he was jotting notes as Mitt Romney was speaking.

    I think ultimately Obama won but only by a slim margin. The reason for that is that Mitt Romney won’t raise taxes, even if you cut $10 of spending for every $1 of tax increases. He also opened himself up for attacks that he would gut PBS and kill big bird. Obama didn’t deliver the killer blow that he could have done tonight. But Romney is far from turning around his death spiral of a campaign.

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