Benefits come at no cost? Not really.

I was watching Rachel Maddow this evening after watching the USA win a bunch of medals. She was making a lot of good points about all of the new benefits that “Obamacare” gives insureds. However, she made one point that I disagree with. She stated that the benefits that come covered 100% first dollar are at no cost, that they are free.

Well, that is wrong. I work very hard for my benefits, including my insurance. Every premium dollar paid is reimbursement for my contributing to the total net income of the company I work for. Because of that, I get a salary and a health insurance plan.

So don’t say that the preventive care that “Obamacare” requires to be covered 100% first dollar is “free”. It helps to propagate the Conservative narrative that people are getting stuff “for free”. Of course it isn’t free. We pay for it with our labor and should demand to get what we pay for.

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