David Vitter is running for Governor. His involvement with prostitutes in his past is bound to be a major issue that opponents bring up. In the most recent episode of Liberal Dan Radio I even brought up why Vitter is violated his own stated principles by not resigning from office and by continuing to seek elected office after cheating on his wife, especially in the illegal way that he committed adultery (i.e. with prostitutes).

I also think it is important that we expose the prostitutes that David Vitter does business with. No, I am not speaking of the sex workers. I am speaking of the political opportunists and hypocrites who swam to support David Vitter who would otherwise not do so.

In regards to the Vitter candidacy, Gene Mills (President of the Louisiana Family Forum) stated:

Sen. Vitter has been a stellar example of the conservative legislator… From a biblical standpoint, David sought counseling form his church (after the 2007 DC Madam scandal). He sought counseling and reconciliation with his wife…I think it’s probably a healthy example of how imperfect hearts — how this world is made up of only that.

Now, are we to believe that such a statement would have been made for a liberal who had been caught up in a sex scandal? Even in Louisiana, Republicans who drift from their path that they are supposed to follow are shunned. So what is going on here? Why is this ultra socially conservative group support a “whoremonger”?

The answer is clear: Money. In FY 2008 Senator Vitter earmarked funds for the Louisiana Family Forum in the amount of $100,000 to help them promote faith based creation “science”. After the controversy over that earmark, the funds were moved to Ouachita Parish School Board, an entity that consistently promotes creationist ideas and has close ties to the Louisiana Family Forum. Vitter has also hired members of the Louisiana Family Forum on his campaigns, showing an additional financial closeness between himself and the LFF.

It seems clear to this blogger that the Louisiana Family Forum is willing to bend over backwards (or forwards) for any sinful politician that sends money their way, especially for one Senator David Vitter. This is why they are clearly one of the David Vitter Prostitutes.

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