On the November 20th episode of Liberal Dan Radio:

With me losing my heat and two vacations, it seems like this will be the only episode of LIberal Dan Radio for November of 2013.

There is a lot to catch up on. George Zimmerman is at it again. He has been arrested again. At what point does he lose his rights to carry a weapon? At what point do his apologists say “enough is enough”?

The insanity over the Affordable Care Act is continuing. It has caused me to create a new YouTube bit for the show. It is called Fat Man Rants. I will go over some of the points made in those videos. We also have people saying that the issues with the healthcare website are “Obama’s Katrina”. Yeah, I will lay into them too.

A Walmart store has started a food drive to help employees assist other employees who need help eating on Thanksgiving. If you cannot see why this is wrong, I will lay it out for you.

Earlier in the year, Governor Jindal cut funding to aid foster children once they turn 18 go to school and transition into adulthood by themselves. I am not sure how I missed this but I did not miss it tonight.

All those plus Words of Redneck Wisdom, Tweet of the Week, Headlines and more tonight on Liberal Dan Radio: Talk From The Left, That’s Right.

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