There are a lot of people raising religious liberty arguments about the mandate to cover oral contraception in all health insurance plans. Now, if you want to see why I support coverage of oral contraception, read here.

But there is one group of people who I wont debate this issue with: People who wish to ban oral contraceptives for religious reasons. You cannot tell me that something is a violation of your religious beliefs in one breath and then seek to push your religious beliefs on other people in another and then expect me to participate in a debate with you on why you feel your religious beliefs are being trampled.

3 thoughts on “People I won’t debate the mandate of birth control coverage with.”
  1. Perhaps the articulation of your second paragraph is not exactly as you envision it in your head. It seems a little unclear what exactly you mean. I think I can parse it because I know you beyond this little group of electrons, yet I am not 100% sure, so, further commentary may be unwarranted or out of bounds.

  2. Religious people who claim their religious beliefs (by banning oral contraception) are being trampled on while trying to legislate their religious beliefs (and as such trampling on other people’s belief systems) are hypocrites and I do not seek to debate them on this subject.

    You don’t fall into that category Ash. 🙂

    1. I never told my kids not to have sex. I told them to talk to me when the time came. I have a 29 year old that has never got a girl pregnant. I have a 20 year old dehugtar, in college, who has never been pregnant. I have a 25 year old son, who is father to a five year old. Her parents forbid her to have sex. Her parents refused to get her on birth control. My son used condoms, the most likely BC to fail, but I still taught my sons to use them, and my dehugtar, too. Because they are at least some barrier to pregnancy, and STD’s. If I had a nickel for every BC failure story Anyway. You can’t blame the school. Anymore than you can blame the government. Or, even yourself. Sex is natural, pregnancy happens. Responsibility should follow. I love my DIL, with all of my heart. In a short two year period of time, she lost her youngest child. My grandson. Then her mother, and then her father. Sometimes I get angry at her now dead parents. They raised her the way they felt was best. Then they died. Where you feel that you had to undo what the school taught your kid. I feel like I’m undoing what her parents taught her. Or didn’t teach her. I want my grandson to have a better chance. Had she been my dehugtar, she would not have become such a young mom, of that I’m sure.

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