There is a movement growing to save the New Orleans based newspaper Times Picayune from becoming a 3 day a week only paper. People want this paper to be a daily paper and are upset that they wont have access to the daily news. Me? I say let it die.

And this is not just about my personal annoyance with them when they reported me as a Republican twice in the 2004 Congressional race. I mean, that is part of the problem. A lack of professionalism is the only explanation for that kind of error. It is not like the information was wrong on the ballot or on the website. That information was all correct. The T-P was just so sloppy that not only did they get it wrong on the Sunday paper, but they got it wrong on the Tuesday paper after I called to correct them.

But this is not just about me. This is about the direction that the media has taken. The Times Picayune used to be a local paper. Now it is owned by a media conglomerate. It used to be that reporters would embrace their duty to inform. Now, with profit being the main driving factor in the media, the duty to inform takes a back seat to making sure that those politicians who will buy advertising will not be mad at your coverage.

So I say flush the T-P. Make it so unprofitable that Advance has to sell it. Then perhaps they will sell it to a local company who will make it into the paper that it should be. Until then, it is not worth saving.

One thought on “Flush the T-P down the toilet!”
  1. It’s not just “the politicians who will buy advertising”. All mass-media is being driven by ratings and sales. They do not care about reporting the truth or the news. Even in reporting something as basic as the weather or sports, they are biased, slanted, and give more opinion than fact. Certainly, there is some room for interpretation, but, they espouse that as the Gospel Truth of the item they “report” on. Yes, I watch the news regularly, however, I have and actively use, a BS filter in my brain to get to the nuggets of truth that may exist in the story.

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