Liberal Dan Radio: New Additions

Besides the new addition I have to my family, I am adding some new features to the show this week.

First I will start with headlines, a toungue in cheek look at some of the recent headlines of the week. Then I will announce this weeks winner of the “Tweet of the Week” award. The prize is just acknowledgement on the show and being showcased on the @liberaldanradio twitter page. But it is a fun segment that I look forward to doing from now on.

Then I welcome on previous guest Joanna Schroeder to discuss some of the happennings this week. From the Oscars to the passage of VAWA we will touch on those topics.

Later I will bring on Bryan from Coolminiornot to discuss another major anouncement from their company.

I will also be bringing up the Supreme Court and their look at the voting rights act.

All that and more tonight on Liberal Dan Radio: Talk from the left, that’s right.

Here is the KQED Forum show on Mike Tyson.

Here is the link to the Cool Mini Or Not Expo.

And here is a link to the Good Men Project.

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