This is the discussion thread for tonight’s show, Shoot First and Ask Questions Later.

 In the age of the internet the State of the Union often has a lot of spoilers. The President releases notes about that speech. The rebuttal side releases notes about that speech. So for both speeches, you have people responding before a speech is even made. Hell, even I was able to “shoot first” and critique both speeches made on my blog. You can see my State Of The Union live blog here. Feel free to comment about what I said.

Now that it is after the fact, we can listen to the responses made by the GOP and see if what they are saying are valid responses to the President or if they are just more of the same.

One of the items brought up in the SOTU was the President’s drone strike policy that enables him to target American Citizens believed to be part of a terrorist network. I have a huge problem with this.

However, we have a similar attitude in the LAPD in the hunt for Dorner. It seems that they also had no problems shooting first and asking questions later in that manhunt as well.

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