A letter to Conservatives crying about staying at home.

Dear Conservatives,

I believe that you are someone who believes that you should be able to use any amount of force to save a life, yes? If someone is a threat to you, or your family, and their actions would end up killing you or your family, you believe the law gives you the moral authority to take action to protect yourself or that family. Right? You can restrain that person. You can punch that person. You can even kill that person. Right?

You would likely also say that government also has the right to stop that person from harming you and your family. Agents of the government, IE police, can intercept and stop the actions of people who are a risk to others. The court system can even lock them up, removing them from the equation, so that they are no longer a threat.

This is NO DIFFERENT. Instead of a single aggressor coming at you and your family, in a pandemic we are all potential carriers of the thing that could kill you or your family. And the government has just as much authority to prevent each of us from becoming unknowing killers as we or the police have in protecting our families from harm.

To argue that you can use deadly force to protect your family, but that the government can’t restrict businesses to certain operations until the pandemic is over, is highly illogical.


The people who you may kill with your irresponsibility.

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