Liberal Dan Radio 5/2/2013: Overreacting and tolls

Tonight on Liberal Dan Radio:

I was not able to get to DOMA this week.

However, since the toll election is this Saturday, I also wanted to have a discussion with Bambi Hall, Public Information Officer for the LA DOTD. In an election where both sides have shared some falsehoods, I wanted to clear some up so voters can be informed.

Brief discussions will also be had on the silliness of zero tolerance policies and on how the media can do major harm to individuals when they report on who has been accused of a crime.

And, as always, I will present a snarky view at this week’s headlines, present the tweet of the week, and share some   words of redneck wisdom.

Tonight on Liberal Dan Radio: Talk from the left, that’s right.

The Reason Bobby Jindal Supports OTC Birth Control

In an op-ed, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal stated his support for allowing birth control pills to be made available over the counter.

He also stated that he opposes the requirement that insurance policies not only cover oral contraception but do so at 100% first dollar.

To some it might seem counter-intuitive to support increased access to oral contraception while also seeking to allow employers to not cover oral contraception in health insurance policies (that are paid for by the work of their employees).

However, by making oral contraceptives available over the counter, the pills would no longer be covered under an insurance plans prescription coverage. So not only would Jindal make sure that his religious fundamentalist buddies would get their way by allowing them to offer their employees insurance without oral contraception coverage, he would also end up making it harder to obtain birth control (especially for those women who cannot use the simple generic version of the drug) because it would no longer be covered at 100% first dollar .

When I first heard of his support for making oral contraceptives available over the counter I  refused to believe that he was doing so to increase access to birth control for women. All I needed was a little time to uncover the method behind Jindal’s madness. So for those people who believe that Jindal has all of a sudden become more friendly to women’s issues, don’t kid yourself. That will never happen.

Update: Other bloggers have also seen through this facade.

Why Bobby Jindal is not your Birth Control Buddy also points out that this is about reducing access to oral contraception and questions Jindal’s inclusion of age into the argument.

Update 2: It is a little disturbing that Think Progress believes Jindal is waking to popular opinion and is pushing for increased access to birth control coverage. He is, in fact, distorting popular opinion to push his radical right wing agenda of restricting access to women.

Rape is Rape… even on a date

This election cycle, the GOP have come out with an all out assault on women’s rights. They attack Sandra Fluke for daring to suggest that women should have their preventive care covered just like everyone else has their preventive care covered. Abortion rights are under assault with state sponsored person-hood amendments. And the idea that there are rapes that are more “rapey” than others just seem to come out of the mouths of GOP candidates from sea to shining sea. Most of the people who are making such comments about raped women are male.

So it is refreshing to see a male candidate discussing the issue of rape in a way that is supportive of half the country. He said “Rape is Rape” in response to Mourdoch and his asinine comments about rape and pregnancy and when you are raped and impregnated, that it is a “gift from God”.

Obama said:

Let me make a very simple proposition: Rape is rape. It is a crime. And so these various distinctions about rape don’t make too much sense to me — don’t make any sense to me.

I agree with him. We have heard many different ways to describe rape by these clowns. We have “honest rape“, “legitimate rape“,  and “forcible rape“. Hell, even Whoopi Goldberg once said that a Roman Polanski didn’t commit “rape rape“. Women’s groups have come out against such labels. I have one more label that should be thrown out. It has bothered me since I first heard it and I still have issues with it today. That is the term “date rape”.

Now, I understand the reason behind the label of date rape. Rape can occur on dates. In fact, most rapes will be perpetrated by someone the victim knows. It is VITAL that our culture changes the way that we educate people on what rape is because we cannot just teach people that they should have their own version of “stranger danger” and expect to be safe from crimes of sexual violence. But if we are to reject any descriptor that modifies rape and makes it different than some other rape, then shouldn’t we also have to stop using the term date rape and instead just explain to people that rapes most likely will be perpetrated by people you know?

And maybe I am wrong. Maybe there is some other reason that exists that breaks the rule on why we shouldn’t modify rapes into kinds. So if you believe I am wrong, please let me know.

People I won’t debate the mandate of birth control coverage with.

There are a lot of people raising religious liberty arguments about the mandate to cover oral contraception in all health insurance plans. Now, if you want to see why I support coverage of oral contraception, read here.

But there is one group of people who I wont debate this issue with: People who wish to ban oral contraceptives for religious reasons. You cannot tell me that something is a violation of your religious beliefs in one breath and then seek to push your religious beliefs on other people in another and then expect me to participate in a debate with you on why you feel your religious beliefs are being trampled.