On the April 1, 2020 episode of Liberal Dan Radio

A continued discussion about the Corona Virus Pandemic, how this administration continues to fumble the ball and take no accountability, and what is going on at the local and national level. 

And then at the bottom half of the hour I welcome Rebecca Parson, candidate for the WA-06 Congessional district. We will get an update on her campaign and then have a further discussion about rent. Affordable housing is one of the main focuses of her campaign. She supports universal rent control as one way to help people get housing. But on the day of the national rent strike, we will discuss how housing issues become even more vital to deal with during a pandemic. We may even discuss what I had brought up last week by looking at section 8 and if it really helps or hurts low income people seeking housing. 

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Thanks to Ross Bugden – Music on YouTube is where I got my show intro.
“Hypocrite of the Week” – Music: If I Had a Chicken – Kevin MacLeod

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