On the July 17, 2019 episode of Liberal Dan Radio

I was planning to discuss the gender wage gap in US Soccer in detail, but so much has happened this week with “Dear Leader” that I have decided to cover my thoughts on that in the opening segment and then go on to discuss the deplorable nature of this Presidency. 

From telling people with brown skin that they should go back to their countries (despite 3 of them being born here) to the GOP circling wagons around him to protect him, we should be able to prove once and for all how the GOP has overstayed their welcome. 

Those topics, headlines, words of redneck wisdom, hypocrite of the week, and more on Liberal Dan Radio: Talk From The Left, That’s Right. 

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Thanks to Ross Bugden – Music on YouTube is where I got my show intro here.
“Hypocrite of the Week” – Music: If I Had a Chicken – Kevin MacLeod

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