On the March 12, 2015 episode of Liberal Dan Radio:

The Hillary Clinton email drama continues and many people are wrong about it on both sides of the aisle. I will go over what each side is wrong on this and why it ultimately will not matter in the 2016 Presidential election.

The backlash over the racist song sung by members of the University of Oklahoma chapter of SAE continues as well. Liberal Dan radio endorses the idea that racists should be shamed. Unfortunately some people are being irresponsible and I will explain why.

This leads me to my final topic which is the internet being the downfall of society. A tool that could be used for such good, I fear, will be harnessed in all the wrong ways and cause its downfall. I will review a few of my reasons behind this fear.

Those issues, headlines, tweet of the week, and words of redneck wisdom Thursday at 8pm Central on Blog Talk Radio.

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