On the September 18th, 2013 episode of Liberal Dan Radio:

The Baracknaphobes are at it again. This time they believe that your dermatologist is going to be required to ask you about your sexual history. Of course the author provides no proof so we are supposed to believe the crazies. The Baracknaphobes still refuse to give Obama credit for doing what they gave credit to Bush for. How far down the well do they have to fall? Is there a bottom?

A shooting took place in D.C. Is this proof that more gun control is needed? Has this country gone crazy for guns? Can we find a happy medium that protects gun rights while protecting innocent people from getting shot?

I will also talk about my recent trip to Tampa to see the Saints play. I have some very good highlights and some very bad examples of stupidity as well.

Finally, I will rant a little bit about TV, pedicabs, bikes and some other random things.

All that, tweet of the week, headlines, words of redneck wisdom and more, Wednesday on Liberal Dan Radio: Talk From The Left, That’s Right.

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