After a week off Liberal Dan Radio comes roaring back.

What is going on in New York? Will Weiner surge back up in the polls and win the mayoral race? Does individual morality matter when it comes to elected office?

Another white man shot a black teen, this time in New Orleans. Why are people comparing Merritt Landry to George Zimmerman. Are there similarities? Are they different?

When are people going to get fed up with Fox News and their horrific bias? If they got any closer to jumping a shark, the hosts would all wear leather jackets and say “Ayyyy”.

First Enron got a sweetheart deal, now Halliburton? Why would our government take it easy on them?

And finally I will go over what happened in one town when an individual decided that she didn’t want to sit on a jury.

All that, Words of Redneck Wisdom, Headlines and more, August 1st at pm on Liberal Dan Radio, talk from the left, that’s right!



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