On tonight’s episode of Liberal Dan Radio I will be discussing the verdict in the George Zimmerman case.

Was the ruling right or wrong? How bad did the jury mess things up?

Are the Florida self-defense statutes Constitutional? Do they satisfy the requirement of equal protection as guaranteed by the 14th amendment? Wasn’t it Trayvon Martin who stood his ground?

What would I have done had I been on the prosecution? What arguments would I have made in my closing statement?

Why are Conservatives going so crazy trying to make excuses for the ruling? Are they tripping all over their privilege?

How can I tie Bobby Jindal into all of this?

Is this a case where the justice system both worked as it should while also failing miserably? I will go into that seemingly contradictory statement as well.

Those topics and more, plus Words of Redneck Wisdom, headlines, and tweet of the week tonight on Liberal Dan Radio: Talk From The Left, That’s Right!

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2 thoughts on “Liberal Dan Radio 7-18-2013: Standing our ground against stand your ground laws”
  1. hey, this law or plea was never even used in the zimmerman case. why do liberals want this law forbidden? are you pro rape?

  2. Zimmerman didn’t have a “stand your ground” hearing. Had he done so and failed, it would have made his self defense plea a lot harder to use.

    Florida, when they passed the “stand your ground” law made it so that Zimmerman had no requirement to try and remove himself from the situation.

    If you have no choice BUT to fight then you should absolutely have the right to defend yourself. But you SHOULD NOT have the right to claim self defense if you had the ability to get away from the danger and chose not to.

    Your pro-rape comment is nonsensical.

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