On tonight’s episode of Liberal Dan Radio:

The George W Bush Presidential Library opened today. Is it time to look back at Bush’s legacy?

Early voting for the toll issue has started. How are the anti-toll advocates misleading people? What new information has popped up? Are Jefferson Parish officials purposefully supressing the vote?

And CISPA came up for a vote this week and it flew through the House. Does it stand a chance of becoming law? Is the law needed for our security or an overreaching governmental attack on our civil liberties.

Those topics and more tonight on Liberal Dan Radio, talk from the left, that’s right.

2 thoughts on “Liberal Dan Radio 4/25/2013: Bush, Tolls, and CISPA”
  1. How about you talk about Obama spying on the American people. Oh, and Benghazi. Or how about Obama using the IRS as a political weapon?

    1. Have you seen the most recent post? I am going to be discussing the topic of the Snowden and the leaked information of the US keeping records of American citizens tonight on the show.

      Obama did not use the IRS as a political weapon. Decisions were made by underlings that did look at Tea Party groups in a disproportionate way. However, all of the tea party groups got approved (even when they should not have been) and some liberal groups did not get approved. In reality, no political group (from the Tea Party to Organizing for America) should qualify for that special classification.

      And the conspiracy theories that are being manufactured about Benghazi are laughable.

      Now, can we please keep conversations on topic? 🙂

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