Companies are threatening to either fire employees and/or raise prices because of Obamacare. The owners could, of course, choose to eat some of the costs in order to make sure their employees have healthcare. But instead they will be greedy and lay people off, cut hours, or raise prices.

So I am calling for a boycott of all such companies. Currently we have:

Applebees New York Franchises owned by Zane Tankel.

Papa John’s

Companies under the Forward Coproration

Add more companies below:



18 thoughts on “Boycott companies who threaten over “Obamacare””
  1. I’m all for boycotting. People get so damn stupid when told about the unpopular positions of the companies where they spend their money. Why give your cash to your enemies? I’ve always said that the only real power we have is where we spend our money. And to those that say boycotts don’t work, look at the civil rights movement.

  2. We are the only civilized country in the developed world which does NOT have universal health care. That is now changing. If you want us to continue being on the list of countries with infant mortality rates like those of Africa and health outcomes for the general population which are not much better, you can continue your narrow minded point of view, or else accept the principle that allowing people to die because they can’t afford health care is a criminal act, bite the bullet and do your share.

  3. He is not the CEO of Applebees, only the CEO of a group of Applebees franchises in New York. Seems like it would be more appropriate to only boycott the ones under him.

  4. dont forget Home Depot for their anti-obama campaign add….how stupid are they to make over 50% of the nation mad? And now fast foor restaurants like Wendys are saying they will reduce employee hours to get around the 30 hour bench-mark for healthcare. Please make a list that can be easily passed around so we can finally tell these corporations we have had enough of their greed. see article here

  5. How is that 60’s era, liberal power grab going now, as the government takes over another sixth of our economy. Have you tried the website? I wasted 3 hours yesterday! They can’t even manage this project? It was always about breaking the system in order to declare an emergency and install a single payer system. You can’t deny that. I suspect you won’t publish this. Please prove me wrong. Peaceful dissent is always a good thing. Would’nt you agree?

    1. Brad, I welcome all sides to the table to discuss the issues in a reasonable and rational way. So first of all thank you for coming to the blog. You are welcome here even if we disagree politically.

      And I can and will deny that it was about declaring an emergency and declaring single payer. 85% of the country had insurance coverage of some sort. While I am sure some of those people would like a single payer system a majority of them wont want the system to come crashing down to do it.

      I tried once to get an account. My issues deal with the delay between getting the email and confirming my membership. However, I do not have a need for an exchange policy because I do have employer based insurance.

      And as I discussed in my last show, the idea that this is some sort of “power grab” is just silly in my view. Perhaps it is taking power away from insurers who didn’t want to actually sell insurance. But that is a good thing. Insurers should be forced to sell insurance. They shouldn’t be able to say “you are took sick so we will drop your coverage”.

  6. Does it occur to any of you that the real problem with obamacare is the fact that the government is taking away the freedom of choice of Americans?
    Americans up till this point have decided what was best for them and their families, now the government says get it or we will fine you!!!!! Does that sound like a Free nation top you? You could have my support if you “offered” healthcare to people but it is a totelly different story when you “ORDER” them to get it and threaten them with fines.

    1. Can I ask how one best decides what health insurance they want to obtain when health insurance is there to plan for things you don’t know what will happen?

      I am actually open to other possibilities that do not include a mandate. But that alternative would have to include a way to deal with anti-selection. Previously insurance companies used pre-existing condition clauses to prevent anti-selection. However, they abused them. But eliminating those clauses without finding some other way to prevent anti-selection would actually destroy the healthcare industry.

      And if those decisions to have (or not have) insurance only impacted the individual then perhaps I would agree with you that people should be able to do just that. But the uninsured who cannot pay for their own care, especially in emergencies, cost insured people money. The right to swing your fist stops before it strikes my face. Well, your right to be free to not have health insurance stops when it costs me money.

    1. Eric: I get so much trackback spam that I have to make sure someone is legit before allowing their content through.

  7. Social security is going bankrupt, medicare and medicaid are in serious trouble, we are over $16,000,000,000.000 in debt soooooo hey lets start a NEW health care system…. after all the government has shown in the past to be so sufficient at running things.

  8. I am curious about one thing…… if your next door neighbor say made $25,000 a year, However he spent, $32,000….useing credit to do it, the next year he made $27,000 but this time he spent $35,000 the next year he made $36,000 but he spent $45,000.

    Would you make this guy your financial advisor?

    You are telling people that have misspent $16,000,000,000,000 that you trust them with your healthcare…… Well they have shown through their management of social security that you can trust them with your retirement 20 years down the road right?

    Who is more of a fool, the fool or all these fools who follow him?

    1. I don’t trust them with my healthcare. My healthcare is still being decided by my doctors and the funding is coming from the insurance plans that I pay for with my labor.

      However, many of the larger insurance companies have proven themselves untrustworthy themselves and I am not sure why you would put your faith in them to keep operating with less regulation. With all of the abhorrent business practices they used, I would think everyone would get on board to prevent such bad behavior. But I guess to some people profit rules all. And as long as there is profit to be made by a decision it is not seen as immoral in the eyes of some Conservatives.

  9. Thanks to ObamaCare ALL of our employees, which had Cadillac Plans for 15 years, are losing their health care coverage. THANKS YOU MORONS!

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