The runoff election for the LA02 is currently taking place. It is between two well known and well established Democrats in Louisiana. You have State Senator Karen Carter Peterson and State Senator Troy Carter both trying to fill the unexpired term of Cedric Richmond. Former Congressman Richmond took a spot within the Biden Administration.

There is nothing wrong with the stated platforms of State Senator Peterson or State Senator Carter. One could easily look at the platforms, choose which candidate best fits their political stances, and choose accordingly. But I have no idea why Senator Peterson has been able to achieve any level of trust within the Democratic party or with Democratic voters.

Back in 2008, the Louisiana Democratic Party had majorities in both houses of the state legislature. Specifically, the Louisiana House of Representatives was split 53-50 with 2 “others”. But the Democrats had a slight lead. When the Democrats control the Louisiana House, a Democrat should be House Speaker. But that didn’t happen.

In 2008, Republican Jim Tucker was elected Speaker of the House. Why? Because then Representative Karen Carter Peterson struck a deal. She likely was not going to have a position of power in the House with a straight party line vote. But working with the Republicans, she was able to become Speaker Pro Tempore instead of allowing another Democrat to be House Speaker.

In Congress, control of the House is tenuous as best. Despite a historic win by President Biden, the Republicans gained seats in the House. With existing gerrymandering and many voter disenfranchisement bills being passed in several states, every elected Democrat is vital to maintaining control of the House.

Why should I believe that Senator Peterson wouldn’t do something similar in Congress if given the opportunity? If elected to Congress why shouldn’t I believe that Peterson wouldn’t make a deal with Congressman McCarthy to sell out the Democrats yet again.

I would welcome Senator Peterson, or anyone representing her campaign, to come on my podcast and explain to me why my concerns are unfounded. I also would welcome Senator Carter, or anyone representing his campaign, to come discuss this issue as well.

Control of Congress is far too important to trust to someone who has already proven disloyalty.

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