On the January 27, 2021 episode of Liberal Dan Radio I will be taking a look at the first week of the Biden/Harris administration. We will be looking at the executive orders that he has been signing to help undo the harm of the last four years while Congress gets its act in order. 

I will also be talking about if the Democrats in Congress are being too “fair” to the GOP. Would the Republicans do the same if the roles were reversed?

Finally, we will also look at the impeached and some of the ridiculousness that he’s been up to. 

Those stories, headlines, words of redneck wisdom, hypocrite of the week, and more on Liberal Dan Radio, Talk From The Left, That’s Right; Wednesdays at 8PM Central on BlogtalkRadio. 

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“Hypocrite of the Week” – Music: If I Had a Chicken – Kevin MacLeod

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