Supporting Liberal Dan Radio can be done in many forms. You can follow @liberaldanradio on Twitter. You can like the Liberal Dan Facebook page. One of the best free ways to support the show is to subscribe to the Liberal Dan Radio YouTube channel. However, if you do want to advertise on the show and/or give the show financial support, I am making the following announcement:

Liberal Dan Radio is happy to announce that many of the Liberal Dan Patreon tiers have been reduced between Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. What does this mean to you? If you want to support Liberal Dan Radio and/or want to advertise on the podcast or the minicast, you can do so at a discounted rate as long as you act before the end of November 2020.

The deals are:

The producer level has been reduced to $7.50 a month instead of $10. Unlike the base tiers, producers will get to give feedback on upcoming shows and ideas.

The hero level has been reduced to $15 instead of $25. The hero level is the producer level that will also get a bumper sticker after the first month funds.

The first hour advertiser level has been reduced to $20 from $30. First hour advertisers lock in their rates for the life of the program, regardless of how large it gets. These are limited to 9 total ads.

The minicast sponsor gets has been reduced to $50 from $100. You get a 1 minute ad on the minicast and you get announced as the minicast sponsor after each break. The rate will lock in for 12 months. Once I get a minicast sponsor I will also commit to 2 minicasts a month.

The first hour sponsor has been reduced to $250 instead of $500. You get 2 ads in the first hour and you will be announced as the sponsor of that hour. Like the first hour advertiser level, you lock in your rate for the life of the program.

I have also added two additional tiers.

The bit sponsor tier will be priced at $75 (regular price $150). You get two 30 second ads per week and are announced as a sponsor of the particular bit. There are currently 3 bits available, selection of which bit is on a first come, first served basis. This rate is locked in for 12 months.

The studios sponsor tier will be priced at $150 (regular price $300). You will be announced as the sponsor of the Liberal Dan Radio studios each hour the show airs as well as get 1 30 second ad in every hour the show airs. This is a minimum of 4 ads, but your business gets mentioned each hour of the show, so as the show expands, the more mentions you get. This rate also is locked in for 12 months.

Any commercial ran, or business advertised, must be approved by the host (me) before any commercials air. Types of ads that are not allowed include, but are not limited to, hate speech, adult content, and extremist conservative views. All ads must be “pod safe”. That means you must have the right to use any audio used in the advertisements.

Voicing and producing the ads will come with an additional fee to be discussed. I do not necessarily have to agree with the ads that I voice. However, I do reserve the right to not voice the ad if I disagree with the content. At which case you will need to provide the final ad. You will be refunded if we cannot reach an agreement on the ads.

So remember, if you can afford to support the show, or you want to advertise your business on the show, please check out the Liberal Dan Patreon and support more talk from the left, that’s right.

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