Hurricane Ida Help

Many people, including myself, have evacuated from Hurricane Ida and need your help. I have put some contribution links below so you can help support individual people (and their families) who need it directly.

Liberal Dan

My family and I evacuated to GA the day before the storm hit. We brought my Mother-in-Law along, our three cats and her cat as well. Unfortunately, several days into the trip, her cat passed away. It has been a very stressful time so far. We know our house is standing but we don’t know how much damage the roof took or if the contents inside are damaged. Because no mandatory evacuation was called, we likely can’t claim “loss of use” on our dwelling while we are away.

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Our house took on water, and we didn’t have rental insurance, so now all we have for our kids is the clothes we packed to leave. I also lost my safety crutches, and my rollator. I can’t see what other damage is there until we are able to get back into the city.

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I lost power to my home like many New Orleanians. It’s excessively hot in our home now. I evacuated post Ida with my 2 dogs. We’re trying to stay away for as long as we can while there’s no power. We appreciate any help.

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Lost my roof, lost my home. Still have my cats though so I’m lucky.