Liberal Dan Radio August 24, 2016: The other side of the story: Sydney Bazan of Relief Spark

In a Liberal Dan Radio exclusive, I will be discussing the allegations made by the outgoing Attorney General of Missouri Chris Koster against Sydney Bazan of Relief Spark. In the wake of the Louisiana flooding, many people jumped out to help and unfortunately some people have sought to scam people out of their money in the name of aid. One Facebook group that looked like they were trying to shine a light on scammers and fraudsters after the flooding is called Expose Baton Rouge flood fraud. Unfortunately the group seems to instead be set up to target specific individuals with allegations. I am not sure about all the allegations made about every single individual on that page. However, one such person is Sydney Bazan and she will have the opportunity to respond to the accusations made against her by the group and by AG Chris Koster. We will also review previous works done to get a whole picture of the entirety of the work. Unlike most of the people commenting on this story, I have read the agreement between the State of Missouri and Bazan/Relief Spark and after tonight you will understand that people are getting the story very wrong. That interview will be at 8:30 PM central time.

Before that I will be discussing other aspects of the Louisiana Flooding, sexism in the Olympic Games, and just catching up in general since it has been a few weeks since I have been on the air. I will be taking your calls as well.

So tune in at 8pm Central for Liberal Dan Radio: Talk From The Left, That’s Right.

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